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The Real CdC

Ebook Bundle: The Real CdC & THE CDC MEMORANDUM

Ebook Bundle: The Real CdC & THE CDC MEMORANDUM

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This eBook bundle contains The Real CdC & THE CDC MEMORANDUM.

The Real CdC: This book delivers TRUTH in a pedestrian way for all to understand. "Vaccine" deaths were hidden. A 7-year-old girl reacted to a Covid-19 "vaccine" in minutes and died in days. Two women and two girls died from stroke shortly after Covid-19 "vaccination." Data shows that excess deaths changed from more respiratory causes in 2020 to blood causes in 2021 and 2022. Thousands in Massachusetts died from something introduced in 2021; and it was not Covid-19. These facts and more are proven beyond reasonable doubt in this book.

THE CDC MEMORANDUM: Massachusetts and Minnesota public health data in 150 pages containing 400 graphs. The memorandum also contains 80 pages of factual allegations of public heath crimes and harm. Lawyers and doctors must read this publication.

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