The Preface of "The Real CdC"


This book is for anyone open to truth. Cut through all the BS from both sides of covid and vaccine issues. Become informed in order to make your own decisions. Your life may depend on it.
Learn facts derived from official record-level source data (RLSD) not published elsewhere. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state health departments publish data that is not capable of being collated across variables. Only source data at the record-level can be easily analyzed for important changes at the margins. What happened? When? To whom? The answers are in this book.
If you believe covid vaccines work or don’t work, read this book. Learn not the opinions of biased researchers beholding to their funding sources. Learn rigorous truth irrespective of your own or others’ preconceptions.
The word externality appears often throughout this book. In this context, externality means an input or condition that interrupts the normalcy of a system. Examples are a new pathogen, a new government policy, or a new drug administered en masse.



Beaudoin’s analyses are more robust than those from any state health department or the CDC. How can that be? There are only two possible reasons. Either 1) all states and the CDC are simultaneously incompetent, or 2) they are all simultaneously hiding this information from the public.
In this book, Beaudoin uses death certificate RLSD, obtained through a Massachusetts Public Records Request (state version of a FOIA), to provide far more pertinent and useful information than any report as yet issued by government entities.
What occurred in 2020 was starkly different from what subsequently occurred in 2021 and 2022. When you strip away what is normal, as determined from the data for 2015 through 2019, from the corresponding data for 2020 through 2022, that which remains reveals what occurred differently over the latter three years, aka ‘the signal’. The excess or deficits after removing the expected normal baseline events is what people want to know: what happened; to whom it happened; when it happened.
Examination of the Massachusetts Death Certificates in con- junction with the records available in the national Vaccine Ad- verse Event Reporting System (VAERS) exposed evidence of fraudulent Death Certificates. In August 2022, Beaudoin filed a lawsuit in United States District Court, District of Massachusetts seeking to correct the fraudulent Death Certificates together with other remedies.1 This book includes comments on portions of the lawsuit’s foundational evidence, which was submitted to the Court in Exhibits F, G, and H of the complaint.


2020 Massachusetts Causes, Ages, and Seasonality Profiles
Greater excess respiratory deaths
Excess deaths average age matched covid deaths average age within 1.0 year
Highly seasonal - ON from March to June, OFF from June to November, ON from November through December

2021 & 2022 Massachusetts Causes, Ages, and Seasonality Profiles
Greater excess circulatory system and blood-related deaths
Excess deaths average age differed greatly from covid deaths average age by 12.5 and 7.1 years, respectively
Not seasonal, but rather linearly increasing to steady-state

This book dives deeply into individual causes of death such as arrhythmia, stroke, heart attack, lymph and marrow cancers, pulmonary emboli, and other thromboembolic (clot) related deaths. Acute renal failure stood out with one of the highest increases (100% increase) in 2022, likely due, in large part, to the EUA drug remdesivir.
Commentary on how this all happened will be interspersed throughout this book.
No matter how many expert witnesses one side puts on a debate panel or in a court room, the opposing party will bring an equal number.  Complex statistical analysis is often only persuasive rather than conclusive. After hearing the statistical analyses, the debate judges or courtroom juries are often left more confused than before they heard debate or testimony. Then they often revert to their preconceived notions because the expert testimonial analyses of one party canceled the other’s.
Fortunately, an understanding of the facts presented in this book does not require special expertise. This book empowers regular people with the comprehensible facts they need to claim agency and make their own decisions about public health policy.
More important than impersonal data and graphs are the human suffering and death they reveal. The deaths of real people are explored in the early chapters through inspection of their Death Certificates and corresponding Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports. Chapter 2 includes the stories of two Massachusetts women and one teenager who suffered strokes within hours of receiving a covid shot, resulting in death within days of the shots. One of these unfortunate deaths is the subject of a published case report authored by six doctors.  The report implicates a covid mRNA injection in her death.


The symptom spectrum profile, age spectrum profile, and seasonality profile of excess deaths all changed starkly on a year boundary (2020/2021) coincident with the introduction of covid vaccines (so-called).
Please continue reading to learn the facts and truth.  The lives of your children depend on it.

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